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ID maker software creates faculty employee identification card staff identity badges designer tool

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ID Card Maker Software

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ID Card Maker Software

ID Cards are the most important part for every organization that provides identifying data like person Name, Age and Organizational Membership. You can easily create professional ID Cards for your own business or company staff by using ID Card designing software. ID Card creator tool can easily create various ID Card with adding photo like Student ID Card, Staff ID Card and many more cards in fewer clicks of mouse.

ID Card maker software provides advance card designing preview with multiple image designing objects like Text, Pencil, Star, Arc, Picture, Rectangle, Ellipse, Triangle and Line etc to create customized and colorful ID Cards. Why wasting your money on buying ID Cards from external sources to fulfill your business needs? Use ID Card creator software and create eye catching ID cards by yourself.

Software Features

You can easily create various sector ID Cards including-

  • Educational-
    • Student ID Card
    • Lecturer ID Card
    • Principals ID Card
    • Professors ID Card and many more ID Cards
  • Hospitals-
    • Doctors ID Card
    • Nurses ID Cards
    • CMO ID Card
  • Corporate sector-
    • Employee ID Card
    • HR ID Card
    • And other Staff ID cards
  • Marketing-
    • Marketing Person ID Cards
    • Marketing Manager ID Card and many more

ID Cards in various shapes-

  • Easily create ID Card in multiple shapes including Rectangle, Rounded Rectangle and Ellipse Shapes.
  • Add photo- You can easily create Photo ID Card using Photo adding feature. Easily add photo on ID Card at the time of card designing process.

Other Features

  • Useful for every organization or business- It doesn’t matter that your company or business is small or large, ID Card Maker software support all type of industry.
  • GUI compatible- Any user can operate software because of easy to use software working interface.
  • Trial version- Free trial demo of ID Card maker software is available on website to easily interact with software.

Minimum System Requirements

  • Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP, Windows Server 2008, Windows Server 2003, Windows Server 2000 etc.
  • Processor - Pentium Class or Equivalent processor
  • Memory (RAM) - 256 MB or more
  • Hard disk free space - 16 MB free hard disk space

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